Scientifically, the word is associated with bioluminescence or the light emitted by sea creatures, who appear like sparkling phosphorescence on the surface. People in Turkey are quite captivated by the emotion and all its ensuing melodrama.

Turkish people will usually use the word twice to really put emphasis on it. With its roots in the Arabic and Farsi languages, safderun is used to describe a person whose heart is so pure that they are often easily fooled. The word saf in Arabic translates to pure and is also used in Turkish to describe things that are untouched.

For I love you, Turks say seni seviyorum. Speaking of love, memnu is used to describe something that is forbidden. A beautiful term that has its roots in Arabic, izzetinefis is composed of two separate words. Izzet which is also a popular Turkish namemeans excellence and dignity, while nefis signifies the human soul. Hayal is used specifically to describe a daydream or hope. Select currency. Modern Turkish is spoken by more than 88 million people around the world, but the origins of this ancient language are shrouded in mystery.

Early examples, dating back as far as the 7th century, were discovered across vast regions, from Mongolia to Anatolia, the Balkans and Eastern Europe to Northern Africa. Steeped in history, here are some of the most beautiful and inspiring words in the Turkish language. Read Next.In this lesson, we will cover the love words and expressions in Turkish.

In English, you can use words like ' honey, darling, sweetheart ' to call the person you love. Let's start with a list of love words used to call the person you love in Turkish. A general point here is that you always use these words with possession in Turkish. Instead of saying ' honey ', the word you use in Turkish means ' my honey '.

I will also give the direct translations of these words to English. Although the meaning of some of these words may seem strange, they can all be used to call the person you love. Print view. Turkish English Seni seviyorum. I love you. I love you very much. I like you very much. Would you like to go out with me? Benimle dans eder misin? Would you like to dance with me? Benimle evlenir misin?

Will you marry me? Evlenme teklifi. Marriage proposal. Seninle olmak istiyorum. I want to be with you. Seninle kalmak istiyorum.Turkish love phrases cannot normally to be found in your average visitors' phrasebook! So just how do you manage to express your feelings, to that someone special, in Turkish?

As with any country, there are many different dialects to be found throughout Turkey. Most of the translations that you find will be written in what is termed 'Istanbul' Turkish. However, you will encounter regional variations, especially in rural areas. The language uses vowel harmony and the structure can be confusing as it uses agglutination. In very simple terms, this means that words are lengthened by adding suffixes to the end of the word.

In effect, a word can then become a sentence. This is why you will see some extremely long words that seem almost unpronounceable! As a very simple example of this, 'hepimiz' means 'all of us. This is done to a far lesser extent in the English language also when, for example, we add endings such as 's,' 'ing,' and 'less' to words.

turkish love words for him

As a general note, in Turkish you will always use these words with possession. This means that instead of saying ' love' you would say ' my love ' in Turkish. Whilst some of these words may seem strange, they can all be used to address the person you love. It is always difficult telling that special person in your life that you love them for the first time.

However, it is especially difficult when that special someone speaks a different language to yourself and has limited knowledge of English.

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23 Turkish Phrases I Wish Someone Had Taught Me

C L Grant more.These expressions serve as bookends to each conversation, providing a handy and automatic beginning and end to every human interaction. Here are some of my favorites. What seems like an insult is actually a compliment used to describe someone who has a mysterious, devilish charm. Kind of like telling couples to never go to bed angry, this is said to newlyweds who traditionally share a single, long pillow in a marital bed.

Turkish men usually like women with a bit of meat on their bones, and this is a lovely compliment to curvy girls. Turks love to chat, often at length, and about nothing in particular.

This is a great way of describing idle chatter — a lot like Irish craic. This anatomic description is actually used to describe someone who is very precious to you.

You might hear it featured as a lyric in love songs. Turkish for Happy Birthday. One of my personal favorites, this phrase describes an older woman who retains her charms. Said when someone is sick or has had a bad experience. Said after giving a compliment, particularly to a child. Turks have a congenital fear of catching a chill, which can strike any part of your body. Older generations who grew up before hot running water in homes, and who only had baths once or twice a week, will say this when you come out of the shower in case you catch a chill see above.

This is said to a first love or first child to avoid giving them the evil eye I used to feel very jealous when my grandmother said this to my brother, her oldest grandchild. This is said to departing visitors to help take the edge off sad goodbyes. Matador Trips. Travel Map. Trending City Guides Belfast. Mexico City.

Trending Countries. South Africa. Costa Rica. Trending Cities. Buenos Aires. Dallas-Fort Worth. Photo courtesy of the Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism. More like this: 12 extraordinarily useful Turkish phrases. More like this: 17 facts about Turkey that will surprise you. What did you think of this article? This post is proudly produced in partnership with Turkey Home.

Posted In. Turkey: Turquoise Hunt. Download the mobile app. We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. This includes personalizing content and advertising. For more information on how we use cookies consult our revised Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Disable Cookies I accept.You in a Photo Yesterday, I saw your eyes in a photo They were like two stars far away, lost in thoughts I wish you could know what they told me, in silence Your looks that became deeper with love.

I felt as if you were not there, You existed somewhere else, somewhere far away, with me I saw love shining in your face Like a mirror in the garden of beauties. You stepped out of the mirror slowly, timidly You threw yourself into my arms like a gazelle With fires in your lips filled with longing I saw you, and I lived you in a photo You were so close to me, closer than ever You told me of the happy days that are yet to come.

With every beat I know that my heart Sends you through my veins every second You are always here, look, right here I put it here on your hand once more, oh if only you could feel it.

You will stay and no one will know And no one will see you, You will live in my eyes. You will see, you will hear The gleaming warmth of love, You will sleep, you will wake up. You will see that the days passing by Are not like the ones you used to live, You will lose yourself in thought.

Understanding a love Is spending a life, You will spend it. I will live you, it can't be told, I will live in my eyes; I will hide you in my eyes. One day, you will just start to tell You will look, I will close my eyes You will understand.

Don't ask me why, there is no point I just wanted to hug you. I couldn't help myself, and I came to you. I see now, it was you I have been looking for all my life Is there anyone who won't open the door when it's love knocking It is hard to live alone, but it is even harder to wait I suffered enough, come and stay with me.

turkish love words for him

Reason, determination, strength They just don't work when you are in love I want to be with you. I used to not believe in love I used to laugh at other people I used to say, one will create his own destiny But words are vain when you are in love My heart goes crazy whenever I see you Reason, determination, strength Newer Post Older Post Home.Hi everyone. Thank you.

Because, I miss you so much. That is the only thing nothing told about it is nonsense. I miss your touch. I miss your face. I miss you. Saatlerce devam edebilirsin. Bence bir mahzuru yok. Baby, you are so special to me. Nobody makes me happier than you.

Kimse beni senden daha mutlu etmiyor. You are the first thing I think of every morning. The world is full of things, just like you.

turkish love words for him

Every time I see you, I fall in love all over again. I need you, like a heart needs a beat. There are only two times that I want to be with you: Now and Forever. Every moment with you is precious to me. You are the most beautiful thing I keep inside my heart. You are not an option, you are my priority. Right inside my heart.

If you hold them in your mouth in silence they hurt.There are a number of phrases that Turks use in daily life that you may not find properly explained in your Intro to Turkish book. Plus, Turks will find it endearing.

A foreigner speaking Turkish is a rare and fascinating thing for most Turks, so any laughter is probably a combination of affection and disbelief. This phrase can be used before, during and after someone has had a meal. It can also be used for any help someone gives you repairing a pipe, changing your oilbut that is a little less common. Say this phrase if someone has just had a hair cut although this generally only applies to men or taken a shower. Allah korusun — You will see this written on the back of trucks, buses and cars.

Similarly, you can use this phrase in any situation where something good as happened, as a way to ward off nazar. In my experience, it gets the point across very well. It is simply an expression of surprise and shock. But if you do end up using it, your Turkish friends will probably find it adorable. Maalesef — This phrase can be extremely annoying depending on the circumstance.

Especially when you find yourself in a store, bank or restaurant, and this is what you hear. But you will hear it every time you go to a pazar.

turkish love words for him

My last piece of advice is about how to address others. In certain instances, calling someone directly by their first name may be considered rude. Share your most useful Turkish phrases in the comments! Kerri Schultz is a contributor to Yabangee.

Hadi lan! Uzerime iyilik saglik Allah iyiligini versin e mi Gozun ciksin cikmaya Ellerin dert gormesin Basimi belaya sokma Gozleri dort dondu Ne sen sor ne ben soyleyeyim Kime niyet kime kismet Elimin tersindesin Gozum uzerinde Ayagini denk al Gozunun ustunde kasin var Allah yaratti demem Zoruma gitti Gun ola harman ola Kim ole kim kala Kaynanan sevecekmis Aksam aksam soyletme simdi Ben diyeyim bes, sen de… Aklim basimdan gitti Olup olup dirildim Karsimda oyle durup durma Iki ayagim bir pabuca girdi Sana bir cift lafim var Ne sandin ya Hadi isine Hangi birini soyleyeyim….

Three Ways to Say "I Love You" in Turkish

Tabi tabi is just the opposite. When you heard this you may have a little exaggerated your case. The Minister of Social and Work Security has resigned after the last mining accident?

It just does not sound natural to me.

Turkish Love Phrases - Turkish Love Phrases Translated Into English

Eriskinlere soylendiginde bravo demek daha uygundur aferin yerine. If you send me an email address i may share a documents of 50 pages with Turkish phrases and idioms, with their explanations and meanings in English. Please I need. Hi, can you send me 50 phrases too?

Mail: danielahe seznam. Hican you please send it to me too? Please share with me too. If you still have the list I would love a copy. Bana lutfen! Kolay gelsin ve eline saglik!!!! And what about Bos ver, vatan sagolun… sonofmel gmail. Hi may I also have a copy of your pages I have recently stared a friendship with a Turkish family.

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